Creative & Unique Headphone Designs

Want to try something new or look something different. Try the below Unique Headphone Designs which makes you something special:

Interlocking Earphones


Holeder Earphone model, deliberated by  Yoonsang Kim from South Korea, solves the trouble of twisted wires by allowing you to interlock earphones behind your neck when they are not in use.

Blinkx LED Earphones


  • Create a light show while you listen to you favourite tunes
  • Let your music interact with LEDS and create a lightshow
  • High quality dynamic speakers create crisp treble and smooth rich bass [Where To Buy …]


Bluetooth Earring or Ripple Headset


Good-looking ear ring attached with ear via rubber ear ring grips on the rear. Activate in 2 ways: chat or listen. The design carried out by the Yanko Design.

Thriller Headphones


Burial Ground Swing earpiece intended by Johnny Lighthands, motivated by Michael Jackson’s Thriller.

Pieces of Jewelry Earphones


Gorgeous “jewelry pieces” earplug go well with the lovely clothes that you put on. THE HEADPHONES by IRINA FOMINICH from Russia.



DEOS Diamond Earphones


Forget statement earrings, DEOS offers statement earphones with the DEOS Diamond line made of titanium and encrusted with coloured diamonds using the latest in casting technology, which can cost between US$4,500 to US$60,000 a pair.

M&M Earbuds

M&M’s stereo earbuds by Maxell deliver sweet sounds to your ears. The signature M and round shape of the earbuds emulate the candy everyone knows and loves [Purchase Here]

Magnetic Earphones


Thanko Magnetic Earring-Clip Earphones Can Make You Look like a Pirate

Robot Rock Headset

robot rock headset

Robot Rock headset by G Smith, inspired by Daft Punk track Robot Rock

Semicircle Headphones


The Semi-Circle Headphones make it so you can listen to music without blocking out background noise. This way, you are always aware of what’s going on around you.

Solar Powered Bluetooth Headphones


Solar powered headphones sound like a top idea. Only 1 hour of sun light will produce greater than two and half hour of play time for the hands free while running on utmost volume. The Q-SOUND headphones would not only allow you to listen to music via any Bluetooth-enabled digital audio player, but also would let you take calls on any Bluetooth-enabled cell phone.

Steampunk Headset


Chris who lives in Chicago, is the inventor in the rear of this amusing and chilly looking portion of sculpture named as  “mechanical aural communication device”.

Sugar Candy Earphone


Jelly Belly Jelly Beans style headphones (no reel) [Buy Here]

I’m Flying Headset

I’m Flying headset design by Rodshakur, inspired by R Kelly’s track I Believe I Can Fly

Transforming Headphones


Creative headphones from Japan can be transformed into a robot.

Wooden Headphones


Unusual headphones made out of nine layers of varnished plywood.

Zipper Earphones


Innovative YI Sound earbuds concept, designed by Ji Woong, promises to solve the problem of tangled wires once and for all. Simply unzip your earphones when you want to use them, and afterwards, zip them back up for storage.

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