My Technique to Remember English Words and their Meaning

Hello Friends, English is always a hazard if you do not take it as an enjoyable entity and do not know the different learning ways. To become an expert in any field you always need to be believe in try and try strategy, which strategy will work for you more, you stop there and enhance that one.

English learning also uses the same concept, where you apply different methods to remember the meaning of an English word. English has more than 2,50,000+ words in its dictionary, now you can think this is a tedious task to learn most of the words & their meaning and it will become more time consuming and headache if you started thinking about each word that how can I remember this word.
According to a research what we learnt today, we only able to remember 2% of after one month, yes you heard right. If do not believe recall your memory. Whether you are fighting for any competition exam like TOFEL or GRE without a good vocabulary you cannot do anything.
Being an engineer, I always tried to make things simpler for me as well as my surroundings people. Many of the English master guru was tell you that if you want to remember a meaning of English, you just started to visualization, and I am not saying that this technique did not work, its work.
Now you are thinking that then what the problem is, the problem is your memory power and your intensity of visualization. I mean for how much time you can remember that thing which you have visualized.
Our mind can only remember the thing last long which has something special attached with that moment. Like when you said ‘I LOVE YOU’ for first time or your “FIRST KISS” or any horrible accident. So the thing is how I can make every English word special so I can remember it last long. Now strategy is not complicated and depend upon same, the theory of Visualization Power.
Let see how this will work, for this I am taking an example of any word like “Absurd”, now first we need meaning of this word to understand what this is. So I prefer for this as I am a Hindi-Speaking guy, if you understand any different language then open the related online dictionary and checkout the meaning of “Absurd (बेहूदा, nonsensical)”, now we know the meaning of this word.
Now come on second step that how we can remember the meaning for a very long time. So here come the technique, give your full attention. Our second step is “Visualization Power”. The interesting thing is here that you do not need to dig your mind into this, Google will do this for you, and so you will save your energy and time and can spend this time in learning more words.
For this, Go to Google Images and put your word there, now you already know the meaning of the word and we are here to visualize the things, a thousands of images will open in front of you, look for those images which help you to remember word “Absurd”. And just see the image which is most appealing for you.
I usually do not open the image as I can see the preview directly but if you want you can see the large view by clicking on that images. In my thinking the image which will best fit and help me to remember me the word “Absurd” is the below one.
Please comment below if this trick helps you in any manner. Your comments and views encourage me to write more and bring out more useful technique for you. Please share you techniques so we will also get benefit from that.

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