Online Venture Startup Plan

Before starting any online venture you need a solid planning of every indeed. In the online venture startup plan we will talk about the domain name, platform, payment mechanism, privacy setting and marketing.

Privacy Setting

You need to elaborate the rules and regulations clearly on your website. In this section you must provide right details of both customer and website. You also need to provide details about access of website, search of a product etc. Besides this you also need to considerate the Return Policy, Intellectual Property. About these policy you need to consult with a lawyer. The privacy setting section also cover advertisement and mouth publicity.

Web Marketing


The e-Commerce joint venture send the e-mails in bulk for the purpose of website marketing which is also called email marketing; but due to the quantity and content of the email material these emails went into the user’s email spam box. Now these days the use of social media growing too fast for promoting a product. You can promote your venture on social media platform like Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr, Pintrest and Youtube. Still now the door-to-door marketing is very famous in India, you can try that too for promote your online venture.

Right Domain Name

Shakespeare says “what in a name?” but if lives in this era then he will must says “everything in a name”; same thing apply for your branding as well. When you chooser any domain name; it will become recognition for your brand. You need to select a domain name which is ‘Short & Sweet’ so people can easily memorized that. If you select a long domain name, people will find difficult to remember them. You need to keep the domain name which represents your products and identity, so people find it comfortable to to connect with your online venture. Do not use or modified the name of any existing brand.

Choose the Right eCommerce Platform

The selection of a platform depend upon which types of products you want to sell in your online venture. If you want to sell products in limited edition then you can build website by using HTML ot any other content management system (CMS) like wordpress, Drupal or Joomla. You can create page for products and services while built up the separate system for the e-commerce process like order and payment. If you want to sell the products in bulk then you can use Shopify, Magento, Zen Cart, osCommerce, Open Cart like eCommerce platform.

Payment Mechanism

Payment Mechanism
Payment Mechanism is the critical one for your online venture. You need to setup a secure payment gateway system, so people can trust on it and the come to know that they are investing there money in a verified place. In India debit card and net banking is very famous in compare to credit card system which is popular in western countries.
In India there is mostly 2 types of payment gateway used – Bank  and Paypal.
The Bank give the suitable rate for startup fees. If the business volume is good then financial institution also give the relief in standard rate. The third party services take minimum startup fees from small businesses but their transaction rate is relatively high.
There is many other things you need to take care like shipping, agents, warehouse management etc but these 5 points is the main body parts of every online venture. So what are you waiting for set your Online Venture Startup Plan, but drive smoothly !!!

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