Mobile Apps Which Take Care of Your Choice

Today’s mobile apps become more smarter day by day. They learn from user’s Point of Interest (POI), they try to understand his choice and by taking care of his choice, give result according to that. Some apps taken care of security perspective and give a freedom in data sharing. So if you want to continuously attach yourself to current affairs which depend upon your interest or if want to share something ¬†securely then the below mobile apps is for you:


Prismatic forward the news to you according to your choice by analyzing the news aggregator feed into your social media accounts (like Twitter, Facebook). This is a free application and currently it is available for iOS only. The company punch line also convey this message “One feed for all your interests”.¬†The application works on the principal of user design experience and social network aggregator feed. Prismatic is a self learning application which take care of user interest.
Prismatic for iOS


With the help of this Wickr you can share your photos with friends and relatives with full confidence without taking headache of security. This apps encrypt your files before sending and then after send it to the receiver. Due to Wickr safety feature you can always sure regarding your data security. The interface of the application is very smooth, must try this. The app available for both iOS and Android.
Wickr for iOS
Wickr for Android

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