Make Your Browser Experience Splendid

You have downloaded the latest version of the browser but not enjoying the web experience ! There is many extension and tricks available in the online market for free which can save your browsing time and make your browser experience splendid :

Adblock Plus

This Plugin need to be installed by everyone in his browser. This will integrate with your browser and actively deactivate the different-different types of advertisement in the real time browsing. This help you to concentrate on your website content. Adblock Plus also help you to save bandwidth which was spend into downloading advertising image and video.




Many times for reference you need to save an image or webpage available on website, but some of the website blocked the image or content to stop from download. With the help of Lightshot you can solve this issue. Lightshot able to capture the selected area of any webpage. You can also take screenshot of video or flash based content.




If you want to update everything by using RSS feed then Feedly can be useful for you. It is not only helps you in reading the feed, but also it can categorised the feed in different-different category. If you want you can share articles on social networking sites or by using apps like evernote or pocket you can save the article for reading.




LastPass is a password manager, which remembers the passwords of the all sites visited by you. This data has been sinked with your lost password account. You can work on many computer by using the same account. Whenever you sign up a website, the LastPass also take care of your safty by generating strong password.



Turn Off The Lights

If you like video streaming then by using this add on you can make your browsing experience more splendid. This add a lamp icon in your browsing and when you click on the icon then whole page become black and only video has been highlighted. It is also give the option to darken the web page by clicking on play button.



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