Beginning of Chromebook Era, Know Everything about Chromebook

If most of your work related to word processing, web and basic multimedia then Chromebook is for you. This is the beginning of Chromebook era, a today’s generation notebook by Google, Lets know everything about Chromebook, its usage, pros and cons and some Chromebook tricks.


What is a Chromebook?

To know everything about Chromebook, first we need to know what is a Chromebook?Most of the people do not have much expectation from laptops. If you don’t to do any huge task like graphics, programming or designing on your laptop then there is no reason for you to purchase a costly and advanced specification laptop. Beside of these high specification laptops you can go for a Chromebook. Chromebook is like a traditional laptop. The main thing which differ it from a regular laptop is, it does not have Windows or Mac OS. The Chromebook has its own OS – Chrome OS which is a light weight and fast. By help of Chrome OS you can accomplished the task like download the apps, open any office document, web surfing and multimedia.

The Usage of Chromebook

Like Chromebook, you can also convert a small desktop system in a powerful one by using Chrome OS. In the Samsung’s Chromebook you will find Celeron Processor, 4 GB RAM, 16 GB SSD, Built-in Wi-Fi, 6 USB 2.0 port and Gigabit Ethernet. You can use it with previously available keyboard, mouse or display system. For a user facility 2 USB ports located in front. You will find the same security and speed which Chromebook offers with dual display support. In the Chromebook you will find 100 GB cloud storage of Google Drive for 2 years.

Pros & Cons of Chromebook

Pros of Chromebook

  • The Chromebook range start from Rs 23,000 which is chipper than other notebook.
  • Because of a low power consumption hardware the battery life is good
  • In-built security of Chromebook make your system safe from malware and virus.
  • Due to Cloud base architecture you can access your data any time any place (ATAP)
  • Lightweight and attractiveness of Chromebook make it feasible for the person who do a lots of traveling.

Cons of Chromebook

  • In Chromebook you can only use chrome apps, not other programs.
  • For using this you need an internet connection.
  • Chrome OS does not support the native printing
  • Some of the accessories (like BT Speakers) does not work with it.
  • The new user can face problem in using Chromebook.

Chromebook Tricks

Custom Keyboard Shortcuts

For creating a self-suitable shortcut download the shortcut manager from chrome store. By using Shortcut Manager your work become easier.

Close the Guest Access

By default any person can use your Chromebook using his Gmail id. For getting rid of this feature you need go to Settings and there you need to disable the guest access.


By using Powerwash, you can reset the Chromebook in the factory state. For getting this feature you need to go to the Setting and then Advance Setting and search for Powerwash.

Use of VNC Viewer

Use of VNC Viewer
If you already have any computer then you can run Windows or Mac on Chromebook. For this purpose you need to install VNC Viewer app from Chrome Web Store.  VNC make your work easier.
Download VNC Viewer for Google Chrome™

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