Incredible Fusion of Notebook and Tablet

Recently some big laptops and tablets manufacturing companies has launched incredible fusion of notebook and tablet which is also known as UltraBook. These ultrabook work do work of both laptop and tablet. The price of these products is very high in compare to an ordinary notebook and tablet but due to their compatibility to turn into tablet from notebook and viceversa, and highspeed processor integration I need to admit here that it is full recovery of your money. In my thinking you need to wait and watch the market for next 6 month and when the production of Ultrabooks will have started at big level, the price will definitely has a major fall down. Now lets know more about this special fusion by reviewing some popular ultrabooks:

Asus Taichi

In Asus Taichi you can take fun of dualscreen. It has another touch screen behind the display screen. That means if you have shut down the laptop then you can use other side as tablet. Both the screen give full HD display.  The Asus Taichi also contains IV bridge core i7 processor and 4 GB ram.


Price: Rs 1,39,999

Asus Transformer Book Trio

Asus Transformer Book Trio is a classical fusion of notebook and tablet. If you want to use it as a standalone android tablet then you need to detach its display. You can connect its dock to monitor or TV. In tablet mode the battery backup time is 5 hour.  In laptop modes it gives backup of 12 hours.


Price: Rs 98,099

Acer Aspire R7

Due to its interesting hinge it has 4 modes: Notebook, Tablet, Ezel and Display mode. In Acer Aspire R7 Notebook and Tablet you can not do anything yourself. In Display mode you can rollover the screen. In Ezel mode you can move the display at your side.


Price: Rs 69,999

Dell XPS 12

Dell XPS 12 ferris wheel design. The touch screen of XPS12 rotate in the area of a thin aluminium frame. You can use it like regular laptop or tablet. The frame which cover the screen is so much strong that you can hold the laptop by using this frame.


Price: Rs 96,990

Sony Vaio Duo 13

The Sony Vaio Duo 13 innovative form factor to provide the best things for table and laptop. The fusion is so light that you can use it as a tablet easily. Hardly the weight of this laptop could be 1.3 Kg with large key and track pad which you can use in laptop mode. When you slide the screen you see the keyboard there. It has more features like a stylish and 13.3 full HD touchscreen.


Price: Rs 89,990

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