How to Stop Notification of Candy Crush and Angry Birds on Your Facebook Profile

How to stop notification of Candy Crush and Angry Birds a major frustration and a question for every social media geek if he do not no the process to ban these notification. As social media grows things also become changes day by day. These days social media also has much interfere in our day to day life and we all know that Facebook play a vital role in this field as it is no.1 social media company in the world. The app feature of Facebook is incredible which has a wide range of apps available from all over the world. Games app is also one section into this and most of the people devote their time in this section where they play games and earn points.

These apps requires some support at one stage from your friends who is connected to your Facebook profile and almost every app on the Facebook available today has a send invite features inbuilt into them. Game-savvy people use these function to overcome their trouble as soon as possible and when they starting using these function at instant time-to-time period then people who is relate with them started seeing a lots of notification on their profile, so lots of invitation from lots of profile-buddies started creating a problem. In this trouble you also missed out some important notification. So to overcome this issue MTUV today comes with tips and tricks to stop notification of Candy Crush and Angry Birds on you Facebook profile. By using this trick you can not only stop notification of these application but other applications also. You can also block the person from your friend list which sent you these notifications most of the time.
Let’s see what is the procedure of stop notification of Candy Crush & Angry Birds on Facebook:
1) First you need to login into your Facebook account.
2) Now you are in Facebook dashboard, where you can control any activity on your account.
3) You can noticed that there is a fixed blue bar at the top which is also scroll with the page.
4) At this blue bar in the most right hand side a down arrow icon is showing near a lock icon.
5) You need to click on that down arrow icon, a drop down list will open with many options.
6) We need to move our mouse cursor on to the “Settings” and click it.
7) In the Settings section, at the left hand side you will see many options, we need to click on “Blocking”
8) When you click on Blocks then you will see 4 types of Blocks option there:facebook-blocking-seetings
Block Users: “Block Users” allows profile owners to block someone from you friend list, so person will not able to send the Candy Crush & Angry Birds request as well as other apps requests. It does not limited to blocking app requests, by using Blocks Users feature you can also block a user from tagging, posting on your timeline, events invitation or add you as a friend. In the short term Block Users means you are blocking him to access nothing.
Block App Invites: Block app invites” feature is useful when you want that someone not able to send you any type of application request.
Blocks Event Invites: This option work is the same fashion like “Block App Invites”, but the things which make both of separate is apps & events. “Block Events Invites” used for block a friend to send any type of events invitation
Block Apps: I love this feature, I just want to give a big thank you to Facebook for this. By using “Block apps” you will not only able to stop notification from that app but also not able to contact or access your non-public information. I just type that particular app name in the given text field and hit enter and that’s it. You are able to block that app for life time.
Currently I have blocked 5 application invitation on my facebook account from which you also definitely received a huge number of request, they are
–       FarmVille 2
–       Criminal Case
–       Texas HoldEm Poker
–       Pet Rescue Saga
–       Candy Crush Saga
Social Media revolution has much good things into it but same time it is also become a villain, it depends on us that how we use it. We just need to remember because of our immaturity we do not loss any good friend. So “keep tagging, keep requesting” but everything in a limit so someone never think to take any blocking action against you, Cheers !!!

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