How to Stop Notification of Candy Crush and Angry Birds on Your Facebook Profile


How to stop notification of Candy Crush and Angry Birds a major frustration and a question for every social media geek if he do not no the process to ban these notification. As social media grows things also become changes day by day. These days social media also has much interfere in our day to day life and we all know that Facebook play a vital role in this field as it is no.1 social media company in the world. The app feature of Facebook is incredible which has a wide range of apps available from all over the world. Games app is also one section into this and most of the people devote their time in this section where they play games and earn points.

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Beginning of Chromebook Era, Know Everything about Chromebook


If most of your work related to word processing, web and basic multimedia then Chromebook is for you. This is the beginning of Chromebook era, a today’s generation notebook by Google, Lets know everything about Chromebook, its usage, pros and cons and some Chromebook tricks.

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Now Learn Hindi to English Easily


India is the largest English speaking country in the world. But most of the people do not met the International Standard of English in the country. They take English crash course,  full time English speaking course but result is nil. Then what is the next step to solve this dilemma of learning English. Now some tech savvy introduced a mobile application which help us to learn Hindi to English easily. And this is not limited to only English; you can learn more than 22 language which includes Spanish, French, German, Italian, Portuguese, Dutch (Netherlands), Irish, Russian, Turkish, Polish, Hungarian, Romanian, Chinese, Arabic, Vietnamese, Greek, Thai, Indonesian, Japanese, Hindi, Ukrainian, Korean,  Czech.

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Verify The Existence of An Email-id


Many time we  send important email to someone and after few minutes the email server bounce back a message which is indicate that the current email is not valid and do not exist. If we already come to know that the receiver email id is valid or not then our work become easier to us and by knowing the correct email id, we can send our message ASAP.

For verification of an email id there is no validation test is available but there is a method exist which we can use to verify the existence of an email-id. The plus point of this method is you do not need to send the message on the receiver email id.

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Mobile Apps Which Take Care of Your Choice

Apps - Tile Icons on Smart Phone

Today’s mobile apps become more smarter day by day. They learn from user’s Point of Interest (POI), they try to understand his choice and by taking care of his choice, give result according to that. Some apps taken care of security perspective and give a freedom in data sharing. So if you want to continuously attach yourself to current affairs which depend upon your interest or if want to share something  securely then the below mobile apps is for you:

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Whatever You Desire Download Free


World Wide Web (WWW) has many great place to download software, games , music and lots of other useful stuff. Today in this article we are visting  all these great place and tell you about where you can find right things for you need. We are going to cover the core stuff of internet today i.e. Free Software, Free Music and Free Games; so whatever you desire download free.

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Online Venture Startup Plan


Before starting any online venture you need a solid planning of every indeed. In the online venture startup plan we will talk about the domain name, platform, payment mechanism, privacy setting and marketing.

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Now Open Any File Extension Easily


Many times you feel trouble in opening a special file extension and due to that extension you do not able to open that file and read out the important information. We know that many application has their own file extension and that is also vary from system to system. Because of these different-different software on mobile phone, tablet, laptop or personal computer (PC) the file extension is also different. By understand this major problem which everyone face in his life, we come up with a solution in this article. So now open any file extension easily by using this trick; No Converter, No Download, Sound Cool !!!

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